Welcome to the Masquerade

Story So Far...
Unveiling the Masques

The PC's start the session off having a dream involving several characters that are related to themselves. After waking up each it brought a box of some sort containing a masque. The dragonborn of the group, knowing what he had held in his hands decided that he should wear the masque causing a transformation in his gear. Afterward he was determined to report to the leader of his tribe, his Father, and promptly heads to a local Magic Academy to determine if the item was genuine and send a message off to his father. 

The General shop owner after trying his masque on went to the same academy to have a acquaintance help determine exactly what the masque was. and promptly meets up with The Dragon born this starting a conversation that

The City of Karanthur
Masques of Old

City of Karanthur is a boisterous city with revels every month. The Duke of the city holds masquerades every month to celebrate the wealth of both the city and himself.1   

The story begins with several with the PC's being invited to this months ball, as well as being provided a masque for the occasion.2

They much like everyone else who are invited are each met with a carriage driver throughout the day and are brought up to the castle itself as the day becomes night. They are provided formal wear if needed (Which most of the PC's will need) as well as a masque to wear unless they brought one themselves. As the evening goes on they are given food, encouraged to eat and enjoy the party and festivals. As hours pass and the PC are enjoying themselves. The main host shows his face on a Balcony above. "Is everyone enjoying the party?" He'll say from his haven above as cheers and claps from the crowd fill the banquet hall. "Good. Good. That is a wonderful thing to hear! Enjoy my friends and party till you can no more!" As The room fills with light almost emanating from the balcony. The only ones to react are the PC's as they flinch from the flash, while everyone seemed unaffected by the flash. Inside the PC's heads they hear a voice "Damn well I was hoping that we wouldn't be found so soon. Well up and Adams gents! They know we're here run to the far door and fast!"3

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